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Eupen is a global cable manufacturer offering a widerange of cables and accessories. Our product range includes: Radiating cables, Transmission lines, Safety cables, Power cables, Fibre optic cables, Instrumentation cables

As a leading supplier of transmission lines and accessories to global wireless communications markets, EUPEN has the experience and resources to effectively service customers in today’s challenging wireless communications markets. Since broadband transmission became possible, EUPEN has been involved in the design and manufacture of transmission lines. The introduction of Cable Television in 1962 was decisive for the start of coaxial cables on a larger scale. At a time when wireless communication in confined areas, such as underground, street and service tunnels, became an important business to the network operators, EUPEN developed high quality radiating cables. Today, customers worldwide rely upon EUPEN products for wireless transmission of data, voice and video. Underground communication systems using EUPEN radiating cables operate worldwide:
in the Metros of: Brussels, Caracas, Instambul, Kiev, Moscow, Rome, Santiago de Chile, Washington, DC
in road tunnels in: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Norway, Singapore, Spain, the Netherlands
and many other challenging locations.

EUPEN’s expertise in the wireless communications market is an invaluable resource to our customers. To anticipate and to follow the continuously changing demand of the market, we carefully evaluate customer feedback, which serves as stimulant for future improvements and developments of EUPEN’s product portfolio. Innovative designs, a careful choice of raw materials together with consistent manufacturing and quality assurance techniques, ensure the electrical and mechanical superiority of Eupen cables for the needs of modern radio communication systems such as: FM, VHF, TETRA / TETRAPOL, TDMA / CDMA 800, GSM 900/1800, GSM-R (European Railway), PCN / PCS 1900, UMTS 2200, LTE, W-CDMA 2200, WLAN 2400, WLAN 5700

Together the cables and the connectors from EUPEN are an unbeatable match that optimises the entire system performance: • Low attenuation
• Excellent field strength with low coupling loss
• Increased amplifier spacing due to very low system loss
• Simple connector installation
• Quick cable installation
• Halogen-free and fire retardant jacketing

EUPEN provides tailor made support for all kind of RF System needs. To meet customer demand for independent and unbiased support in the expert field of Specialised RF Coverage Solutions, Eupen has gathered a Team of dedicated advisors, who can provide complete support on all aspects of RF Coverage Solutions. Based on the Teams knowledge, that spans more than two decades, combined with good local knowledge of all major market places and by keeping close liaison with Consultants, Manufacturers, System Integrators and Installers world-wide, this Team is able to deliver advice that is combines state of the art technology, latest legislation and cost effectiveness.

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